Marie Claire

“I recently took part in the 12 week program of ‘Ladies that Lift’ run by Anna Marsh.  Going into the program I had a relatively good knowledge of food and healthy eating, but I still wasn’t quite feeling right…  I was still having digestive issues and feeling tired and sore after training.   My goals going into the program were to address and hopefully successful tackle my digestive issues, potentially lose a little bit of body fat around my middle/back and improve my recovery after exercise, as well as maintain good energy levels throughout training.

After the initial consultation with Anna my macros were set and I was ready to go.  Counting calories/macros was completely new to me and after about 2 weeks of getting used to it I really started to feel the benefit during and after training.  Small tweaks in protein and carb levels really made a big difference and through the members site and coaching calls I learned more about the timing of my macros to support recovery before and after training.  I didn’t have as bad muscle soreness and my energy levels felt really good which was great!

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