Hi, I’m Natalie and I’ve been working with Anna for six months. Since working with Anna, I’ve learned an exceptional amount about nutrition and wellbeing and this has empowered me with the tools I need for fat loss.

By following Anna’s workout programs, I’ve built muscle and definition. I’ve “repaired” my metabolism from years of restrictive eating, so I can maintain my weight while eating over 2000 calories. In combination with strategies to reduce my stress levels, I’ve lost 10cm from my waist and 10cm from stomach, by working out LESS and eating MORE than I ever have before!

What makes Anna’s program different is that she is interactive, supportive, and she provides all the tools and education so you can look after yourself for life.

To anyone thinking about working with Anna, my advice is to stop thinking about it. Joining Anna’s program takes out all the stress out of figuring out how much to eat and exercise to reach your goals, and is a guaranteed path to success.

Natalie Part 1 Natalie Part 2

Natalie Part 2


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