A year ago, I collapsed at work and was hospitalised for a few days. I had been under eating, over training and ignoring the signs I was not well.

My story is very different right now thankfully and its down to this programme.

I have set targets and achieved them (I never thought I would!)

I have good quality sleep 85% of the time (I used to have great difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep all the time)

I have had two cycles with hardly any PMT symptoms (I used to get terribly depressed, thinking life isn’t worth living, for the week up to my new cycle. Plus, nausea, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, painful periods, clots, severe water retention, sore boobs etc)

I am wearing make up again and generally look after my appearance (after months of not feeling like doing my face or nails as I was so low)

I enjoy social occasions again (after months of feeling too tired and uncomfortable in my bigger clothes to go out and enjoy myself)

I’m comfortably in 14 and 12s now (I was bursting out of my 16 tops and 14 bottoms)

I love myself and tell me that everyday out loud in front of a mirror (I am so embarrassed and sad when I think what I used to say to myself everyday, which reinforced my view that ‘I’m not good enough’)

I have achieved PBs in all my lifts and tried a whole load of new exercises

I train alone in the gym mindfully and I push myself just as hard (I used to think I needed a group, Crossfit or other, in order to achieve results)

I eat mindfully (I used to eat anything and everything when emotions pushed me)

I plan, prepare and eat good food (I used to pick on things, rather than sit and eat properly and used to use the excuse of living alone as a reason for not cooking or eating well)

I choose when to go off plan and I don’t chastise myself for days after (I used to suffer with: I’ve blown it now, I will always be fat thoughts)

I meditate in the morning and when I need a recharge (I used to eat/smoke/drink when the going got tough)

I write in my gratitude journal often and I tell people when I write about them

I feel energised and positive (I used to feel exhausted and depressed more than anything else)

I achieved 3 months of not drinking and I have broken the habit (Monday evening would be the ‘I hate my job need a drink evening’ and the rest of the week followed suit)

I am better at reframing thoughts (My negative thoughts about me or my life would take over for weeks at a time)

I know what emotion I’m feeling and what caused it as I have clarity (Used to feel overwhelmed by everything as I was exhausted most of the time)

I take responsibility for my actions with regards to my goals – it’s no one else’s fault when the ‘stories’ get me

I use affirmations daily – my current favourite is: I am inhaling love, exhaling sadness/angel (long exhale….)

I appreciate how far I have come and I remind myself that often



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