The Guessing Game is Not a Great Weight Loss Strategy…



Functional Medicine Nutritionist (MSc.), Personal Trainer & Chocolate Loving

Women’s Weight Loss Expert

Nor are quick fixes, diet books, shakes, pills or the latest sugar detox…

You may be a smart, strong independent woman and if this is true, you’ll know that the fastest way to get results is to hire an expert to fast track you to success.

If your weight has gone up and down more times that you have fingers and toes or if it’s not playing ball with the things that USED TO work.

You need help.

Think about the people you admire for having their sh*t together and consistently rocking a fantastic body.

They probably aren’t doing the latest sugar detox or shake diet, they more than likely have:

  • Great habits
  • A healthy relationship with food
  • A positive body image
  • A fantastic mindset and positive outlook

You see, losing weight is about shifting your identity. Yes, the diet and exercise stuff does work, but mindset is the glue that holds the whole thing together.

If you are ready to stop failing and start succeeding and learn how to achieve AND sustain the strong, confident body you desire, then this is for you.

(other side effects include better hormonal balance, better digestive function, more energy, better sleep, improved relationships, increased self love, happiness and fulfilment)

Welcome to Ladies That Lift

This is a 6 month, Online, Semi-Private Women’s Weight Loss Coaching program for high quality women looking for high quality results. We combine 1-on-1 and group based coaching and give you the EXACT systems and structures so you can actively make changes to your weight, fitness and lifestyle AND sustain them.


What makes this program different?

  • We offer PERSONALISED solutions which are specific to you and you alone. Our advice is simple, clear and concise and there will be no seconding guessing.
  • We offer the whole package and will support you with nutrition, exercise and the all important mindset.
  • We believe women can and should lose weight by eating the MOST amount of food, not the least. Quick fixes and restrictions feed (excuse the pun!) binge eating behaviour and yo-yo dieting. We are here to break that cycle!
  • You will have real support from real people and the opportunity to speak with myself (Anna) or one of my team up to 3 times a week! Most programs aren’t offering direct contact time and this is what sets us apart.
  • You will be part of a small group of like-minded women who will support and inspire you. You WILL NOT be a number in a crowd.
  • We are all over it when it comes to holding you accountable. Accountable to your nutrition, accountable to your exercise and accountable to your commitment to the program, there will be no disappearing under the radar!
  • Finally, you get to work with a professional (Anna) who is highly qualified above the normal industry standard (we won’t bore you with the list of her qualifications). We don’t just deal in weight loss, but we will teach your EVERYTHING you need to know about your body from managing stress, to gut health, to balancing hormones.


Together over 6 months we will help you to…

  • Lose weight while still eating things you love, by eating the most amount of food possible, not the least. We like to keep your metabolism high – no extreme dieting or restrictions!
  • Learn conscious eating and develop a positive relationship with food
  • Find you! The strong emphasis we place on mindset will help you achieve things you never thought were possible. You’ll leave us happier, healthier and more confident that ever!
  • Understand your body. Learn to love it, not fight it.  Learn what is needs to thrive and how to maintain a healthy body weight without restrictions.
  • Learn the tools for maintenance. Any woman with enough will-power can cut calories really low and drop a few dresses sizes but what most women don’t have is an exit strategy to maintain weight loss and live normally.
  • Completely reprogram what you thought about dieting, exercise and your body!
  • Break through old habits that you have recycled so many times and find a passion for health.
  • Grow and develop as a person both inside and out and empower you with tools you can use in all aspects of your life!



This is what our clients say…


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Take a little time to complete the application below for a complimentary Breakthrough Call. Once you’ve submitted the application you’ll be able to choose a time that suits you to speak with one of the team. They will spend an hour with you to talk with you about your goals, where you are now and where you want to get to. This call will provide massive clarity so that you can fully understand why you are stuck at your current weight and how you can move forward, see results AND sustain them long term.

We want high quality ladies to join our program who are ready to take action and therefore we like to speak with any potential clients first before they join. Therefore the call is a completely complimentary service but should you decide to move forward with the program we like to make it clear in advance that there will be an investment involved.