I have reached the end of my time with Ladies That Lift. What an amazing journey it has been!

When I joined I was a bit hesitant but thought I would give it a go.

I had modest goals to ensure I would not disappoint myself again.

To give a bit of context; I had gone through depression, was at the highest end of the anxiety scale and about to go on medication, had very low levels of self esteem and confidence aand I hated my body.

All of this was even impacting my confidence at work…. Then I joined Ladies That Lift…
It was tough at the start, I felt overwhelmed with all the information, videos, keeping up with the posts to ensure I was active, the exercise, the cooking!!!

Went through a few wobbles and with Anna and Lorraine’s help I started to focus on one thing at a time..

Macros, planning food, the mindset, attending the calls and asking for help and support when needed, the exercise and it all started to make sense!!

I was focused, determined and believed in the process and the changes started to happen…

I started to love exercise, started to eat intuitively – most choices I make now are much healthier and balanced than they have ever been!

But the most important achievement of all was that I started loving myself for who I am.

I started to believe in myself and now I feel I can do anything.

I still receive compliments at work, not only about my physical changes but most importantly my confidence and calmer approach to things.

Not everything is perfect all the time as I still have wobbles once in a while, but I have learned that it is all about balance and getting back on the wagon, as Anna would say “we are human beings”.

My achievements have exceeded my expectations in terms of weight and inches lost, but most importantly my mindset which has made me be the best I can be!

Without all the support of the ladies in this group, the comments, ideas and shared experiences I would have not been able to get where I am now..

Everyone of them is amazing!!

Never have doubts about it and always believe in yourself Xxx 😊



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